Skygems and OpenSkygemsNetwork Quality promise

We wish all clients using SkyGems Network to enjoy an uncompromising quality level, wherever and whenever they’re using a SkyGems remote telescope service. 

As such, we maintain a comprehensive set of quality standards pertaining to all components of the imaging process - communication, mount, scope, and camera. 

The SkyGems Quality Certificate (SQC) is rendered on a yearly basis, to Remote Imaging Observatories qualifying with the following criteria. We are committed to our clients worldwide to ensure that each Remote Imaging Observatory: 

  • Is located in a Bortle Sky Index 1 or 2 area 
  • The control computer has to: Run Windows 10 64bit or higher, have at least 8GB of RAM, a modern CPU with at least 4 cores, at least 100GB of free disk space.
  • No light interference (“light pollution”) exists within a distance of 20 km (aerial distance). An interference will be regarded a human habitat of more than 5,000 people. 
  • Remote Imaging Observatory staff is available to be on-site for assistance / fixing malfunctioning components, and pre-called-for inspections within 48 (business) hours
  • The mount, camera and optics have been confirmed to operate smoothly upon Key-Attributes (i.e. optics, camera cooling, tracking, filter change, automatic focus and upload/download communications) over a 60 days period preceding grant of the respective SkyGems Quality Certificate.
  • An interference with any of the Key-Attributes, that has not been amended within 7 business days of notice shall temporarily revoke SkyGems Quality Certificate, during which period the Remote Imaging Observatory will be excluded from the SkyGems network until the Key-Attribute’s interference has been eliminated. Should the Key-Attribute not be amended within 60 business days of notice, the SkyGems Quality Certificate shall be revoked and the Remote Imaging Observatory shall be excluded from the SkyGems network without time limitation.
  • The pricing is set by the scope owners, in a range compatible with existing and similar systems
  • The quality of the resulting data is compliant with our guidelines, and refunds have to be issued according to our guidelines as well in a timely manner.
  • Please ask for refunds by the 5th of each month, as we do have to settle the monthly usage by then as well